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Retail Operations Manual - Excellence and Effectiveness 2015

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Save thousands and take your company to the next level...

The Retail Institute Store Operations Manual Files Bundle - 2015

Here is another one of our inexpensive alternatives to the high cost of composing and writing your own Store Operations Manual from scratch. Most retail organizations will have similar Operations policies. You can adapt this generic manual for a fraction of the cost.

Developing a manual like this can cost $10,000 or more. This manual has over 400 hours of development from its original inception. You can edit the source files and save thousands while creating a custom and professional manual for your organization. We've researched and documented all of the BEST PRACTICES and with a little customization, your manual is ready to implement at minimal cost.

You will save thousands of dollars and time! Take your evolving organization to the next level with a professional Operations Manual and support forms and files included in our NEW 2015 FILES BUNDLE.

Get everyone on the same wavelength, operating your stores consistently and professionally in the eyes of your customers. Professional Operations boost sales!

The manual and most related files comes in Microsoft WORD. You can easily add your logo to the pages and cover to give it a custom institutional appearance.  Your own staff can easily add, modify or delete policies, change phrases or numbers. The manual is designed to fit into a standard three ring binder with spine and cover sleeve for a professional appearance.

For 2015, we've also added tips and instructions in blue text that explains how to edit and enhance pages for your own custom manual. You can leave them in for Home Office Staff copies and quickly remove them for copies you'll distribute to the stores, thus making the field versions concise, simple and easy to understand.

The 2015 Version has been expanded to 271 pages.

The manual is configured for easy black and white printing for a standard
8 1/2 by 11 three ring binder. You can use MS WORD to print either in one sided or two sided format. There is also an optional color cover that can be inserted into an inexpensive sleeve cover binder, giving the manual a professional look at low cost.

The Table of Contents will now automatically update through Microsoft WORD after you make modifications.

Now Included in our Enhanced 2015 Retail Operations Files Bundle:

q    Retail Operations Manual for 2015 (271 Pages)
q Retail Operations Manual 2015 Cover Sheet Template
q Retail Operations Manual 2015 Spine Sheet Template
Employee Profile System Evaluation Form 2015
q Employee Profile System Manual 2015
q Loss Prevention Security Audit Form 2015
q Power Team Building Workshop 2015 Power Point Presentation
q Power Team Building Workshop 2015 Participant Handout
q Retail Operations Audit Form 2015
q Secrets in Increasing Sales in Challenging Times Manual
q Loss Prevention Manual 2015 (115 Pages)
q Loss Prevention Workshop 2015

The 2015 manual has been updated extensively over our 2014 version:

  • Tips and suggestions highlighted in blue text have been added in sections that require high customization.

  • Specific Point of Sale keystrokes have been reduced. There are so many different Point of Sale (POS) systems, specific transactions related to your system is best kept in a separate Point of Sale manual. Point of Sale information is more policy related and conceptual.

  • The Job Description form has been updated into a more objective based document.

  • The Manual Title and Logo are embedded in the Header, and revision information, page numbers and website address is located in the Footer. Changing these areas automatically updates every page of the document instantly.

  • Content in the manual has been expanded to over 200 pages, that can be easily edited and saved under your own proprietary file.

  • The Store Operations Audit form sold separately on our site has now been included in the manual.

  • FIRST BONUS: The 2015 Version also includes "Secrets of Increasing Sales in Challenging Times". This added manual has many ideas that you can implement at little or no cost and drive sales even when traffic has dropped. The upcoming 18-24 months will be challenging for retailers to maintain sales with lower consumer credit and buyer confidence. "Secrets of Sales in Challenging Times" sells separately for $49 and is yours free with the 2013 Retail Operations Manual!

    SECOND BONUS: Our 2015 Files Bundle also includes our TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOP. It is critical in our current retail environment to create EFFECTIVE AND ENGAGED teams that will build BRAND EQUITY and generate sales. This package, included with the 2015 Retail Operations Manual files bundle offers our one day powerpoint workshop, facilitator notes and participant handouts. This workshop package sells separately for $199.

  • THIRD BONUS: Our 2015 Loss Prevention Manual and Workshop. Our powerful strategies to train your team to safeguard all inventory and non-inventory assets. This program also includes critical information on protecting brand equity and corporate proprietary information.

      The comprehensive manual is all inclusive, and is updated with the most contemporary practices for progressive organizations. The manual includes these topics:


      A.1    About Our Organization
      A.2    Mission Statement
      A.3     Our Core Values
      A.4    Organizational Charts
      A.5    Support Office Directory
      A.6    Safety and Security


      B.1    Store Team Structure
      B.2    Job Descriptions
      B.3    General Floor Layout
      B.4    General Stock Room Layout
      B.5    Communication Systems
      B.6    Store Opening and Closing Procedures


      C.1    Proprietary System
      C.2    Employee Number on Transactions
      C.3    Point of Sales Daily Cash Envelope Form
      C.4    Balancing and submission of Daily Store Operations Report
      C.5    Gift Certificates Issuance
      C.6    Daily Deposit Procedures


      D.1    Base Schedule
      D.2    Staff Profile Policy
      D.3    Minimum Hours for Staff Policy
      D.4    Schedule and Productivity
      D.5    Weekly Timesheets
      D.6    Cash Advance Policy
      D.7    Overtime


      E.1    Dress Code
      E.2    Customer Service Policy
      E.3    Customer Concerns
      E.4    Telephone Service Policy
      E.5    Tax Exempt Purchases
      E.6    Productivity Evaluation
      E.7    Traffic Conversion Concepts


      F.1    Cash and Credit Card Transactions
      F.2    Merchandise Returns
      F.3    Employee Purchases
      F.4    Merchandise Cycle Counts
      F.5    Annual Stocktaking
      F.6    Apprehension Policy and Procedures
      F.7    Petty Cash and Gift Certificates Audit
      F.8    Protection of Employees & Customers
      F.9    Inventory Protection
      F.10    Cash Control
      F.11    Fixed Assets

      F.12    Proprietary Information
      F.13    Public Profile
      F.14    Cost Control
      F.15    Safes/Keys
      F.16    Incident Report


      G.1    Special Order Policy
      G.2    Special Order Procedures and Limits


      H.1    Shipping Document
      H.2    Receiving Document
      H.3    Receiving Report
      H.4    Manual Chargeback
      H.5    Bill of Lading
      H.6    Inter-store Transfers
      H.7    Sealed Box Count Receiving



      I.1    Zone Reports
      I.2    Restock Analysis
      I.3    Core Product  Management
      I.4    Inventory Turns Management
      I.5    Merchandising Policy
      I.6    Top seller Reports
      I.7    Managing Special Orders



      J.1    General Repairs Policy
      J.2    Tendering for Repairs and Maintenance
      J.3    Payment for Repairs and Maintenance



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